Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lowdown on Love's Acre June 2013

I have decided to do a monthly garden status report, a sort of state of affairs.  I am hereby christening it "The Lowdown on Love's Acre".  Without further ado (because it certainly doesn't deserve anymore), here is the lowdown for June 2013.

The Little Lady Raised Bed is growing great guns.  I don't think that I have ever had plants last this long or grow this big.  They are all still mystery plants (except the carrots), but they are so beautiful.  Plus, one day something will start to form that will give me a better idea of what they are.

The Bean Teepee has sprouted.  Well most of it has sprouted.  There is still one pot that I am waiting on.  If it doesn't sprout, the bean teepee will become a teepee with a view. 

Bean Pot #1

Bean Pot #2

Bean Pot #3

Unfortunately the Herbs aren't fairing as well.  I have now renamed them the Lilliputian Herbs.  I'm not really sure what I did wrong.  Perhaps, they are lonely and need herb friends (meaning that I put them in pots that were too big.)  It could be that they are getting too much water or sun.  Maybe they are not getting enough fertilizer (because I haven't given them any.)  I certainly don't have the gardening skills to know.  I will be experimenting with them in July.  I had visions of growing beautifully large herb plants and drying the surplus to use during the winter.  Isn't it funny how the idea of a thing often falls short of the thing itself. 

Lilliputian Cilantro

Lilliputian Basil

Lilliputian Oregano

The Jalapeño Peppers seem to be doing great.  I had originally planned to transplant them to the big boy garden too, but after the tomato massacre I am seriously considering just letting them stay where they are.

The Berry Bushes are hanging in there (with the exception of the raspberry bush which was a goner right from the start.)  I even have some blackberries growing.  I would really like to get some more berry trees planted.  I will have to check into that for next month. 

The Strawberries are a complete and utter fail.  They were just an experiment to see if I could get them to grow from old rotten berries (probably not my best idea.)  Plus, I didn't know if the berries were genetically modified or not (which I definitely do not want in my garden.)  So, maybe it is for the best.  I don't really feel that bad.  I will just have to go to the local farmer's market to get my strawberries this year and plan ahead better for next year.  They are on their way to the compost pile. 

Well, that is that state of things on Love's Acre.  I am looking forward to July's happenings.

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