Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Serving the Tea - Liquid Fertilizer Update

What, you may ask, is that white pattern pictured below?

I don't know exactly.  It's the crud that grew on top of my liquid fertilizer while it was brewing.

It doesn't look good.  So, I decided to remove it and dispose of it.  I am just hoping that I didn't violate any hazardous waste laws.   I strained the rest of the "tea".  Then I added water to it using a 1:10 ratio and went looking for something to fertilize. 

Because I have never used this liquid fertilizer, I was very careful in my plant selection.  I didn't want to fertilize any of my healthy plants.  We have a saying in the South, "If it ain't broke, don't go fixin it."  I chose to fertilize the Lilliputian herbs first. 

The next test subject was the bean pot that hasn't come up yet.  If I kill any of these plants, at least it isn't a huge loss.

Fingers crossed.

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