Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Please Fit, Please Fit!

I was so happy when I came home and saw the little brown box with the smiley face!  I knew what was in it because it was a present from myself to myself.  I immediately started chanting, "Please fit, please fit, please fit, please fit."

I opened the box and there they were.  My cheery, colorful, make my feet happy, new garden boots.  They were beautiful.  I took a moment to just appreciate their beauty just in case I had to send them back.  I frequently purchase things over the internet, but rarely do I buy something that needs to be tried on.  "Please fit, please fit, please fit, please fit."

I have been wanting a pair of gardening boots ever since the first time the morning dew got my tennis shoes, socks and consequently my feet all wet - not to mention the bottom of my pants.  I thought that I had found a solution when I discovered an old pair of rubber riding boots in my attic.  They were certainly waterproof, but were really difficult to get off after a couple of sweaty hours in the garden. "Please fit, please fit, please fit, please fit."

They fit!!! Have boots will garden.

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