Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blackberry Cordial

We here in Tennessee have evidently entered into some kind of parallel universe where there is no sun and it rains 24 hours a day.  Therefore, I have decided to work on some indoor things and just let the outdoors be until the planets can realign themselves. 

Ever since I read Anne of Green Gables, I have wanted to make cordial.  I came across a recipe for wild blackberry cordial on a blog that I absolutely love called The Essential Herbal.  You can find it here.  It is a very simple recipe.  I don't even think that I can mess this one up. 

The recipe calls for:
  • glass jar (any size)
  • blackberries (enough to fill 1/3 to 1/2 of the jar) 
  • maple syrup (real not fake)
  • brandy (80 proof)
I didn't have these items in my pantry so I headed out to do some shopping.  I got some blackberries from the local farmer's market . . .

and some organic syrup.

Next, I headed over to the liquor store to buy some brandy.  I don't normally drink brandy so I have no brand preference.  But E&J was mentioned so I went with that one. 

Then I headed home and I started to make my first batch of wild blackberry cordial.  I began by cleaning the jars and rinsing the blackberries.

I added the blackberries to the jars

Then, I added the maple syrup.

Finally, I added an equal part of brandy to the jars.

I put the lids on the jars and gave them a good shake.

I labeled my new concoction and set it aside to infuse for the next 10 days to 6 weeks.  

 I will continue to shake it occasionally until it is ready.  When it is done, I will strain out the fruit and decant the cordial into some pretty bottle.  They say that cordial will keep for years without refrigeration.  I figure the alcohol will kill most anything.

Et voila!  My first batch of blackberry cordial.  I am so excited.  I may even go back and read the Anne of Green Gables series again.

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  1. This looks delicious. I'm going to have to go to the farmers market for some berries and give this recipe a try.

    Thanks for sharing!